If you are looking to obtain a septic system permit, the list and protocol of how to get there can be overwhelming.  Here is a brief description of what we can do for you…


A soils evaluation, also commonly referred to as a perc test, is an evaluation of the soil, rock, clay, roots, etc. to determine what type of septic system needs to be designed. There are multiple types of septic systems. 


After we have our soils evaluation, we can design your system for your specific site based on the type of soil we found. Our designs include many calculations, drawings and any unique requirements for the installation of your septic system. This process typically takes a week, but sometimes more with complex sites.


Once we have completed the design, we can submit our soils evaluations and our design packet to the County for review.  After the design is reviewed and approved, a permit can be issued.


Once we have a permit, you are able to hire an installer. A typical septic system can be installed in about 1 to 2 days. The electrical wiring, inspections and backfill will however add time to the project.


We will assist you in finding a reputable Septic company that can service and maintain your new system.