Obtaining county approval for a septic system can be overwhelming. That’s why you hire us. From the moment you call us until long after your system is installed; we will use our expertise to make the process quick and painless for you as possible. We work for you, which means you get to be a part of any decisions that may need to be made. Our goal is to make a complicated process, very simple for you. Here’s how:


All we need is the parcel number or address of your property and the process begins. We use multiple county websites as well as some offline sources to familiarize us we can with your property and its history. We typically know quite a bit about your property before we even walk on site to increase our efficiency. We will also obtain as much information from you about your future plans for the property as we can. That can include a site visit or a conversation over the phone. Finally, if we have any questions, we will communicate those as soon as they come up to keep the process moving.


Most of the jobs we do involve a soil evaluation (perc test), which is the first step to getting any system approved. We will dig holes on your property to evaluate the soil in a matter of days after you say go and submit that soils evaluation to the county shortly after. We take care of all the details, such as backhoe fees, county fees, county applications and physically turning everything in to the county public health department. This may also include various waivers or meetings with the health department if the subject site is more complex. In any case, we will communicate with you as we go along so you will know where we are in the process.


Once we have a soils evaluation we will know what type of system can be installed and can give you a design cost. The designing process can be lengthy depending on the type of system, but we typically have them done in a week and rarely extend over two weeks. Our timeline will be made known to you. We will work around your future plans, but will also work with installers to ensure that we are designing the least expensive option for your property. The final design will include many pages of calculations as well as specifications of septic tanks and drain field lines. It will also include detailed plot maps that portray your property and septic system accurately. Again, we will take care of all the time-consuming details involved with turning in a design so that you don’t have to.


The county public health department allows itself up to three weeks to review and approve a design and soils evaluation, but designs can be returned in less time depending on the complexity of the site and how busy the department is at the time of submission. As soon as the design has been approved, we will send you an official copy. We will also send your approved design to multiple licensed installers so that they can send you bids for your system.


After your system has been installed, we will come back out to your site to do an “as-built”, or a final map of your home and property. This final map will be submitted to the county for their records so that it is clear in the future where your septic system is and what components it includes. If you’re building a home on the property, occupancy of the home will not be granted until the as-built has been submitted.

We do not use complicated contracts to define our relationship with you. A handshake still goes a long way with us. We will start the process as soon as you say go and work on your terms to get a system approved as quickly as possible. We are good at what we do and we’d love to work with you.

Consultation is free, so give us a call whenever you have any septic questions.


We will assist you in finding a reputable Septic company that can service and maintain your new system.